The impacts of natural and manmade hazards are alarmingly increasing worldwide.

They may occur suddenly and highly affect a large number of people, especially the vulnerable populations in areas with no or minor disaster resilience mechanisms. Besides the people, rare ecosystems and their biodiversity are highly affected as well..

The magnitude of disasters cannot always be accurately predicted at a local level, largely due to their scale and episodic nature. Therefore, incorrect or missed alarms frequently lead to property losses, human casualties, and social turmoil, especially in remote and low income areas.

Furthermore, insufficient and unstable power supplies also undermine disaster response capabilities, along with wider socio-economic growth.

A possible solution that deals effectively with those problems is the individual- and/or community-based disaster preparedness linked with renewable energy applications at the local level. This combination of systems is capable of offering increased resilience and energy autonomy, at least in cases of emergency.

The “smart” use of environmental-friendly units designed for disaster response and stable energy production under both normal and extreme condition could satisfy the needs of their end-users. In addition, the establishment of such mechanisms could not only increase the safety of sensitive groups, but also secure an approved quality of life, including for those residing in remote locations with high disaster risk probability.

My Safety Approved, that is a newly established US-based LLC leads to that direction. It aims to provide solutions for all types of natural and manmade disasters at the local, national and international level.

Among its goals, the promotion and use of products and supplies that can be used under any condition is a high priority. In long-term planning, the development of renewable energy generators combined with early-warning strategies for individual and community use is investigated. We hope our contribution in the field to decrease the rate of human and property loss when extreme phenomena occur.