At My Safety Approved, we have created a network of world-class scientists, engineers, policy-makers and other professionals from all around the world. We collaborate with government agencies, educational institutes, research centers, manufacturers and local communities.

Our innovation lies not only in the development of new products and services but also in the alternative use of currently applied technologies.

My Safety Approved focuses on the following:

  • Protection of Human Life, Property, Transportation Networks, and Work Environments.
  • Optimization of Emergency Response Systems to Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards.
  • Optimization of Military Response during Emergencies and Crisis Events.
  • Investigation and Prevention of Impacts of Extreme Weather Events.
  • Optimization of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Actions.
  • Survival and Contribution of Animals in Mass Casualty Incidents.
  • Investigation of Renewable Energy Generators for Private and Community Use.
  • Investigation of Early-Warning Systems for Private and Community Use.
  • Development of Environmental-friendly Products for Emergency Use.
  • Use of Drones, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and Video Games in Disaster Education and Training.
  • Promotion of Humanitarian Engineering, Sustainable Development Goals and Disaster Risk Reduction.


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