generating hydropower during floods


Each year, floods and other water hazards affect billions of people. Small, remote communities are often the first victims as they lack reliable early warning systems and continuous energy supply


Flash floods may occur at any time and scale limiting our response time. Localized flood warnings and emergency energy generation could be life saving, particularly for the elderly and people with disabilities

Introducing Innovation


a solution for hydropower generation and flood early warning 

How it works

Everyday use

Under normal conditions oQsi can power nearby residences, agricultural activities, public lights or a school.

24/7 energy generation

oQsi hydropower turbine can generate between 300W and 5000W, depending on water flow and other river conditions. No head required.

Installation & Maintenance

oQsi is easy to install, repair and maintain. Most parts are DIY (do-it-yourself). We provide training and emergency education seminars to increase flood preparedness.

When storms arrive

During the early stages of a water extreme, oQsi will detect changes in water flow and levels and warn nearby communities that a flash flood may occur. This will allow people to prepare for evacuation.

Traffic light warning

oQsi is designed to be easily operated and understood by everyone. The flood warning approach we use is similar to the colors of a traffic light (green/no light: normal; orange light: prepare for evacuation; red light: evacuate immediately).

Protection against debris

The main energy generation part of oQsi is protected by barriers. These have a dual purpose - to protect the unit, and to visually inform people of potential changes in the river flow.

During extreme conditions

When floods are imminent, oQsi will send out signals so that people can evacuate immediately. Meanwhile, oQsi will power evacuation lights and nearby shelters.


oQsi is an autonomous unit that will protect itself against extreme hazards. When floods and mudslides reach critical levels, an automated crane will lift the generator to a certain height for safety.

Support those we love

oQsi activates outdoor flood sirens and evacuation lights for a sufficient period of time. Emergency routes and shelters will remain powered for several hours until the emergency responders arrive.

oQsi... in action!

How does oQsi work?
The following video presents a simulation of the unit

Origin of oQsi

'O' like Water, 'Qsi' like Sun

oQsi means ‘Water’ and ‘Sun’ In Chumash language. Both words are sources of energy, protection and prosperity

Chumash People

The Chumash are a Native American Peoples of the central and southern coastal regions of California

Hydropower for Disaster Resilience Applications

oQsi is based on a PhD research project lead by Co-Founder and CEO Spyros Schismenos 


My Safety Approved would like to thank Western Sydney University, International Hellenic University, Kathmandu University, Aggitis village, and Dhuskun village

Preliminary Research

Research scope, methods and findings are fully available online. Visit our Publications for more info