At My Safety Approved, we have created a network of world-class disaster management experts, engineers, policy-makers and end-users from all around the world. We collaborate with educational institutes, disaster response agencies, research centers, related manufacturers and professionals. Our innovation lies not only in the development of new products and services but also in the alternative use of currently applied technologies and goods.

To implement our objectives, My Safety Approved centers upon the investigation of the following topics:

The Protection of Human Life, Property, Transportation, and Work under Normal and Extreme Conditions
The Efficiency in Emergency Response System in Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards
The Optimization of Military Response in Emergency and Crisis Events
The Investigation and Prevention of the Impacts of Extreme Weather Events
The Optimization of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Actions
The Survival and Contribution of Pets/Animals in Mass Casualty Incidents
The Investigation of Renewable Energy Generators and Early-Warning Systems for Individual and Community Use
The Investigation of relative Environmental-friendly Products for Emergency Use

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Renewable Energy Generated by the Impacts of Natural and Accidental Disasters (REGINA IV)

Automated Network for Air-Sea Rescue Applications

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